Work for this summer term is orientated around the all-important date of May 27th, the project hand-in deadline.

It is important to maintain contact with academic staff durng the six weeks leading up to this event. Hopefully everything will be going well and you may just need some advice about the details of your presentation or final outcome. But if you are experiencing difficulties for whatever reason then it is best to tell someone about this as soon as possible. We will then be in a position to help.

The Monday morning sessions with Christine are (as ever) very important in helping you prepare for both the project deadline and life after college. So don't miss them.

Significant Summer Term dates

27th May Display work for assessment
31st May - 2nd June Internal assessment
3rd June Internal examination board
7th - 8th June External examiners visit
9th June Dismantle assessment display
9th - 16th June Set up studio for show
14th June Course examination board
16th -26th June (?) Degree Show

Term dates 2004-05

4th October 2004 Autumn term starts
10th December 2004 Autumn term ends
10th January 2005 Spring term starts
18th March 2005 Spring term ends
18th April 2005 Summer term starts
27th May 2005 Final Project hand-in
24th June 2005 Summer term ends

Minor Project

This part of your year's work consists of of your preliminary research and exploration work for your project. The submission of the minor project consists of the final project proposal and the project planning document.

Project Planning Document

This is a timetable for the major project identifying your activities and decision-making points. In this document you should define the stages into which the work will be divided and set out a time schedule for each stage.

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