Web Design


A List Apart
Answers to questions on virtually everything to do with web design. Home of "Standards Compliant" web design.
Online magazine on all things new media.
Great resource for well-designed icons both Mac and PC.
Media Inspiration
Huge collection of links to well-designed sites.
The web developers' resource.

How to...

Experiments in web progamming.
The CSS Pointers Group
A useful source of information, examples and links on Cascading Style Sheets.
CSS Zen Garden
A demonstration of the creative power of cascading style sheets.
Colour experimentation and harmonising web application.
Favicon Tutorial
How to create the little icon (favicon) that goes next to your web address in the browser address window and in the bookmarks list.
Introduction to HTML
Guide to the Web and HTML from the source.
A good online guide to Javascript.
Little Boxes
How to make multi-column layouts with CSS.
NYPL Style Guide
A very good introduction to XHTML and CSS.
Validate your markup
Upload your page of XHTML or HTML code and get it checked for errors.
Validate your stylesheet
Upload your CSS stylesheet and get it checked for errors.
Very useful guides to colour, fonts and code for the web.
Web page design for designers
A good introduction to the subject.

Digital Architecture

Adaptive Path
A consulting firm with specialisation in user experience who have a lot of interesting and relevant material on this subject on their site.
Asilomar Institute for Information Architecture
A non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to advancing and promoting information architecture.
Bob Baxley
A specialist interaction designer with lots of insights to share.
Boxes and Arrows
"The definitive source for the complex task of bringing architecture and design to the digital landscape." (Also know as information architecture.)
brightly colored food
The thoughts of Chad Thornton on user experience design.
Interaction Design Hub
A blog and resource site created by the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea to explore interaction design.
Jesse James Garrett
Author of The Elements of User Experience, his site contains excellent links to articles on information architecture and user experience design.
Brad Lauster
"...on how we experience experiences."
Jakob Nielson
Site for the "king of usability" with lots of outspoken comment and useful written materials.
Society for Technical Communication
"STC is an individual membership organization dedicated to advancing the arts and sciences of technical communication."
"Social architecture for the wired world."


May 1st Reboot
May 1st Reboot is the international relaunch of web sites by authors and creatives working in the field of web design who do it for kudos not money.
Web Standards Awards
"The Web Standards Awards aims to promote web site design using W3C standards by seeking out and highlighting the finest standards-compliant sites on the Internet."
Design In-Flight
A PDF magazine targeted at graphic design professionals and web developers. "Seeking to educate and entertain anyone currently involved in - or looking to enter - graphic design, web design and web development."

Web Designers & Blogs

Greg Storey's personal site "made up of journal-esque content ranging from essays blasting seats of power to a few sentences describing what a person had for lunch. ...more of the prior than the later at Airbag."
Home of Dr Keith Robinson web designer from Seattle.
Authentic Boredom
Laconic comments on design from Cameron Moll.
Andy Budd
Interesting site from Brighton based web designer.
Design by Fire
Very popular blog which often features competitive comparisons between web designers' personal web site designs.
Devoted to design and discourse.
Shaun Inman
Web designer combining techie and design detail.
Eric Meyer
He wrote the book(s) on cascading style sheets (CSS).
"Mezzoblue is a semi-daily expository and exploratory on all things web, design, and typographic."
Lots of useful bits including the famous tile-able textures.
San Francisco based web design consultancy.
Superfluous Banter
"Personal blog of Dan Rubin, Visual Designer and Web Standards Consultant."
Jeffrey Veen
Author of The Art and Science of Web Design.
Autrailian web developer's personal site.
A corporate blog but very wide ranging on the subject of visual thinking.
Jeffrey Zeldman the web design guru of gurus. Chief promoter of standards compliant web design.