texture image
One of the best aspects of the internet is sites like these. A huge collection of really beautiful textures from Paul Bourke an Australian astronomer. Handy for lots of applications and he doesn't mind you using them.

Art & Design Portals

The Art, Design, Architecture & Media Information Gateway, is a searchable catalogue of Internet resources that have been carefully selected and catalogued by professional librarians for the benefit of the UK Higher Education community.
The Art History Research Centre
A useful starting point for research.
"The guide to quality Internet resources in the Arts and Creative Industries."
Art Resources
Superficially brief list of links to online Art Resources, but those resources contain huge numbers of further links.
Essentially just someone else's links page. But it's a very eclectic and interesting collection.
Finding images online
Paula Berinsten's very good list of places where you can find images online.
Mark Harden's Artchive
Huge collection of scanned images of the work of famous artists.
The mother of all Art and Art History links pages, a huge collection of links from the University of Michigan.
Voice of the Shuttle
Massive colection of links to online data on the "humanities" in general including quite a bit on Art and Design. Also includes a section on the "Laws of Cool", links to cool sites and ideas on "coolness".

Art & Design Publishers

Ava Books
Mainly graphic design books.
Focal Press
Good quality practical guides to all aspects of photography, film, video, sound etc.
Friends of ED
Specialist in advanced software tutition and experimentation.
New Riders
How to do it and good examples of creative software in action.
Classic works of graphic design and architecture.
Peachpit Press
Excellent practical guides to the use software packages of all types.
Leading Art, Design, Photography and Architecture publisher.
The latest Japanese books and graphic novels in English.