Norway's finest - illustrators' collective.
Feric Studio
The unique style of Eric Feng.
Peter Gric
Futuristic and organic style.
Tomer Hanuka
Popular American based illustrator.
Fiona Hewitt
Lush and ornate vector based style with classic Chinese graphic influence.
Nick Higgins
Loop Land
Site of British illustrator Allan Sanders.
Illustration, animation and design from Rex Crowle.
Norman Rockwell
Museum dedicated to the great American illustrator.
Tatoom City
Yi Lee's very popular site of semi-manga style illustration.
Nate Williams
The astounding computer illustration of Hyun Kyoung Up. A touch adolescent in content but fantastically skilled in execution.

Portals & Associations

The Association of Illustrators
UK professional body for illustrators.
A forum for illustrators/artists to share their work. From humble beginnings as primarily a static image file gallery, deviantART hosts poetry, photography, flash exhibits and cell phone art.
Eat Poo
Online portfolio and excellent visual forum.
Bud Plant's Illustrator Biographies
It ain't pretty but it's very good. A large numebr of well-written and illustrated biographies of the most important illustrators including; Maxfield Parrish, Vargas, Arthur Rackham, Heath Robinson, Montgomery Flagg, Ronald Searle, the list goes on and on.


A collection of over 5000 contemporary character designs from artists, designers and companies worldwide.