Graphic Design


French online design portfolio collection.
The Designers Forum
Online community discussing current design related issues.
Encyclopédie Graphique
Part of Pixelcreation, French design magazine, with huge list of links/biographies of significant graphic designers from around the world (in English and French).
Kaliber 10000
Design e-zine with latest ideas and styles from around the net.
Media Inspiration
Huge collection of links to interesting design on the web.
New media design portal and digital culture magazine.
Pacdesco's Design Community
"Presenting new media designers and artists from around the globe."
Shift Japan
Japanese design e-zine.

Big Agencies

Conran Design
Johnson Banks
The Partners

Small-but-cool Agencies

Personal site of Japanese designer Yuji Oshimoto. Examples of work but mainly exercises in graphic design with colour and typography.
Agency of Seattle-based graphic designer Andrio Abero who has a very impressive visual language mainly used in poster design.
Adept Vormgeving
Amsterdam designers with pixel based style.
Berlin based pixel style illustrators/designers.
Swedish creators of "digital brand experiences". Fantastic website.
Grundy and Northedge
Elegant graphic illustration and design for complex information. Long established but still cutting edge.


Neville Brody
Leading figure in shaping the British graphic style of the eighties who is still at the leading edge of U.K. design and typography.
Milton Glaser
Influential founder of Pushpin studios whose style shaped American graphic design in the seventies and is still going strong.
Max Kisman
Josef Muller-Brockmann
Hugely influential Swiss designer who was a leading proponent of the International Typographic Style aka Swiss Design.
Carlos Segura
Hillman Curtis
Mr Flash himself.


Airline Timetable Images
For collectors of Airline Timetables mainly, but collection shows many good examples of period graphic design from whole of twentieth century. By the same people who brought us Maritime Timetable Images which is similar yet different in one important aspect.
The American Packaging Museum
Very well presented examples of American packaging from the early twentieth century. Some are reproduced as 3D interactive models.
The American Sign Museum
A "real" museum with good online examples of American signs up to the mid-twentieth century. Excellent links to all things to do with signage.
Ephemera Now
"Mid-Century Modern" design in the online museum of (U.S.) advertising. Beautifully presented examples of the coolest advertising imagery from a golden period in design.
Graphic Design from the 1920s and 1930s in Travel Ephemera
David Levine's online collection of a huge variety of graphic ephemera from the travel business of the 20s and 30s.
International Poster Gallery
A Boston gallery who sell online with large browsable collection of reproductions of classic posters.
The Robert Opie Collection
World's largest collection of British advertising and packaging memorabilia. Basically just a huge online nostalgia shop but with images of everything you can buy.
Soviet Poltical Propoganda Posters
While America was selling cars the "other side" were doing this. Great examples of official Soviet era posters (rather badly scanned) on this private commercial site.
Vintage Labels
"The lost art of travel and the history of the luggage label." Slickly presented collection of classic period luggage labels.


The international review of graphic design.

Associations & Organisations

American Institute of Graphic Arts
Very good professional body with lots of useful information.
BD4D® Show, Share, Unite™
By Designers For Designers® is a designers collective which attempts to bring designers together to talk about their work chiefly by organising events in major cities around the world.
The international organisation of graphic design associations.


The Flags of the World given letter grades
A brilliant, methodological and witty critique of the design of nations' flags.