Comics & Graphic Novels


Official site of the rebellious Gauls
The Beano
Classic British comic.
A comic series by the Hanuka Brothers
The artist Scott Adams' site for his Dilbert phenomena.
Bastion of American liberal politics.
Little Lit
Folk tales and stories in contemporary style for children edited by Art Spiegelman and Françoise Mouly.
The Pulitzer Prize winning saga of the Holocaust by Art Spiegelman.
Monkey Town
The last word on manga-transformer-battling-monkeys in this strip from Scott McCloud.
A massive collaborative hypercomic that was originally created for the wall of the ICA as part of the Comica festival. This web adaptation marked the debut of a flash-based zooming infinite canvas delivery system.
Official site for Hergé's detective.
Too Much Coffee Man
US weekly alternative/political strip.
V for Vendetta
In depth article about classic British graphic novel "V for Vendetta" on Movie Poop Shoot - Comics 101.


Michael Allred
Classic American pulp comic style, with creeping post-modernist tendencies.
Robert Crumb
The father of the underground comic strip.
Will Eisner
Creator of The Spirit, industry father figure and author of the definitive - Comics and Sequential Art.
Neil Gaiman
Writer and collaborator with Dave McKean on Sandman grahic novels.
Scott McCloud
The great thinker of web comics. Artist and writer of the book "Understanding Comics". A 215-page comic book about comics that explains the inner workings of the medium and examines many aspects of visual communication along the way.
Winsor McKay
Early comic and animation pioneer behind Little Nemo in Slumberland and Gerty the Dinosaur.
Dave McKean
Unofficial fan site for influential artist behind Sandman.
a Moebius imageMoebius
Jean Giraud aka “Moebius” is a legendary French graphic novelist. Hugely prolific, he has produced 27 volumes of “Blueberry” a Western graphic novel together with a large number of science fiction stories. He was a founder of the seminal 70s French comic “Métal Hurlant”.
Joe Sacco
Comics as journalism, from Bosnia to Palestine.
Art Spiegelman
Biography of artist behind Maus and many other highly influential conic trends.
Chris Ware
Creator of Jimmy Corrigan, Quimby the Mouse and The Acme Novelty Library. A master of colour and composition and the "bright hope" of American comics.


Dark Horse Comics
Publishers of Star Wars graphic novels, Hellboy, Sin City, Akira,
DC Comics
Publishers of Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Watchmen, Preacher, The Sandman and Road to Perdition
Drawn and Quarterly
Canadian publisher of cartoonists that have been instrumental in defining the literary comics medium for the past twenty years. Drawn & Quarterly has become one of the most influential art and literary comics publishers in North America.
US publisher with Joe Sacco, Chris Ware, Robert Crumb and others.
Publisher and now Movie Producer of Spider-Man, Hulk, X-Men, Daredevil and The Punisher.
NBM Publishers
America's first publisher of graphic novels.
Oni Press
Small US publisher with very active forum.
Pantheon Graphic Novels
US publisher of Art Spiegelman, Chris Ware, Alex Ross etc.

Bande Dessinée

Metal Hurlant
Ground breaking French comic started in the Seventies and restarted in 2002. Combines top quality writing with innovative illustration.
Les Humanoides Associes
Publisher of Metal Hurlant among many other things.
Publisher with excellent website. Sections from many graphic novels transformed into elegant Flash animated sequences.
Editions Delcourt
French artists and French translations of US and Japanese comics.
Cool French Comics
US site with good overview of French comic tradition.


Angoulême International Comics Festival
Best comics festival in the world, in France, each January.
The world's biggest comic book convention... because its virtual.
Current syndicated American comic strips, updated daily.
Comics Creators
943 links to comic artists or articles by or about them. Part of huge website of links on many subjects.
The Comics Journal
A magazine that covers the comics medium from an arts-first perspective. Published by Fantagraphics.
A huge resource containing the Comics Scholarship Annotated Bibliographies maintained by Gene Kannenberg. Primarily lists books about comics but also has massive links collection.
New experiments in narrative fiction including webcomics and hypercomics.
European Comics on the Web
Vast collection of limks to non-American and non-Japanese comics.
Lambiek Comiclopedia of Artists
Very exhaustive collection of biographies and links to thousands of comic artists from famous Amsterdam comic shop.
Oubapo America
Site designed to provoke experiment with the comic form.
Tintin est vivant!
An exhaustive collection of Tintin homages and parodies including the brilliant photographic reconstructions of Jean-Fabien de Selve and Laurent de Crinier.
Another large American site for syndicated comic strips.