Animators & Animations

Better Living Through Technology
One Scotsman's little flash animation project.
A short (computer) animated film that took two people three years to make. The film was officially released on September 21, 2003, and has entered the international film festival circuit.
Daring Planet
An online space serial from Paul Corrigan.
Blue Suburbia
Very impressionistic website of Flash animator Natalie Lawhead.
Lots of Robots
Lots of Robots is a one man animation studio based in San Francisco making films of the same name. Lots of details about the process.
Mark Fiore's Animated Political Cartoons
Mark Fiore is a political cartoonist based in San Francisco, the Promised Land of satirists. His "Flash" animated political cartoons appear on various media websites and are seen by millions.
Superb animation and illustration including "Radiohead - Creep" music video.
The Pings Page
Website of French (computer) character animator Pierre Coffin.
Bill Plympton
Twice Oscar nominated American animator with quirky and extreme imagination seen originally on MTV America.
A short film project which began as a hobby and is now an online phenomena. Written designed and produced by Brian Taylor the website charts every detail of the process and the film looks fantastic.
Jan Švankmajer
“The world is divided into two unequal camps... those who have never heard of Jan Švankmajer and those who happen upon his work and know they have come face to face with genius.” Very comprehensive website devoted to the legendary Czech surrealist animator.
Theme Planet
This is the story of a little Pig and his big fat fellow Elephant working in a giant planet-covering theme park. Online animation film project.
This Land
A bit crudely done, but effective nevertheless, flash animation satirising U.S. Presidential campaign. From JibJab.
Willing to Try
An animation which attempts to illustrate the philosophy of the "Try Group" a Japanese educational organisation.


Animation Express
Animation portal from Wired magazine
the website for 
   	Animation Nation on BBC4Animation Nation
A fascinating and revealing three-part series on British animation on BBC4. The hour-long documentaries are followed by a number of important and rarely seen animated short films. The material is repeated throughout the week.
Animation World Network
An American online hub for all things to do with animation.
Online magazine on independent animated films. No big studios here.
A community dedicated to the art of stop motion animation using plastic building toys, or bricks (i.e. LEGO). Check out "Mozart in Bricks".
Understanding Anime
Most extensive Anime portal on the web.


Aardman Animations
Wallace and Grommit and loads of other stop frame animation.
Hammer and Tongs
A mainly music video production company who did the "Blur - Coffee & TV" and "Supergrass - Pumping Up Your Stereo" videos amongst some 200 others. Very nice website.
Nexus Productions
UK based animation production company representing directors with strongly graphic styles.
Pleix Films
Pleix is a virtual community of digital artists based in Paris. Some are 3D artists, others are musicians or graphic designers.
Production I.G.
Leading Japanese Anime studio behind "Ghost in the Shell"
Studio AKA
The leading animation based production company in the UK. Also act as agents for directors.
Tandem Films
Oscar winning short film specialists who make a living in commercials.

Techniques, Software & Supplies

Animation Meat
A good site for animation techniques, tips, and knowledge gathered from numerous sources over many years.
Animation supplies from this Croydon based company include acetate cels, peg bars, paint, lightboxes, animation stands etc... They offer special student discounted animation kits.
Animation software for the Mac which acts as a basic video frame grabber for stop-motion animation. But the program builds upon this functionality to provide tools specific to animation
How To Succeed In Animation
An online version of Gene Deitch's book on how to do it.
A good tool for stop-motion animation (aka. claymation) and time-lapse recording
Lost Marble
Home of Moho, a 2D vector-based cartoon animation application. A bit like Flash only more cartoon friendly.
Tony White
A very good beginner's course in the art of 2D animation.
Toon Boom
2D animation software company whose products are used in many animated features. These act as a digital cel animation studio. Work on both Mac and PC and you can download free trials.
Toon Doctor
A cartoon studio specialising in Flash character animation. Also create Flash productivity tools for animators


The animate! project challenges the boundaries of animation through production funding, discussion and screening. Funds production of experimental animation which then gets showing on Channel 4.
Animation History
Article in Digital Media FX with an overview of the history of animation.
Animation Research Centre
UK's leading academic research centre on animation at the Surrey Institute of Art and Design in Fareham.
Animation School Review
Where to go to study animation in the U.S. includes other info.
Site of the annual aniMOweb contest for interactive web animations based on set themes.
Bradford Animation Festival
Important annual U.K. animation festival with good speakers.
British Animation Awards 2004
Covers all aspects of the UK animation scene, from student work to commercials, children's entertainment, short and experimental art films, and new technologies, scenario and craft.