Extenuating Circumstances

Below are some notes on Extenuating Circumstances, for more details you should visit the Institute (University) Secretary's website or get in contact with the Students Union.

A student should consider submitting an extenuating circumstances form (together with any supporting evidence e.g. medical certificate) if, at the time of submitting assessment work they feel that they have had a significant and unforeseen problem which either had a bearing on the production of their work, or is likely to have a bearing on its assessment.

The claim should be submitted no later than one week before the Course Board of Examiners sits, and preferably as soon after the circumstances occurs as is possible.

Tutors may suggest submitting an extenuating circumstances form, but the onus is on the student. Forms can be downloaded from the Secretary's website under the heading "Student Complaints" then sub-heading "Forms (Word documents)" it's form no. "SCA0-EC", or collected from the School Office or the Students Union.

Before submitting a form students should talk with a Student Advisor in order to gain a realistic view of their claim.

If a student believes that there is something of significance which should be brought to the Examination Board's attention then they should submit a form. Appeals can not normally be entertained on grounds relating to extenuating circumstances unless a form has been submitted.