Degree Award Criteria

Listed below are the official criteria for the award of the differing types of honours degree.

1st - 85-100%

Outstanding quality in the majority of the assessed elements of the Course. The students's work should be exceptional in its grasp of principles and show originality in their application. The level of the award denotes exceptional excellence.

2.1 - 70-84%

Outstanding achievement in some or most areas and good achievement in the others. Extensively self directed work showing a high level of analysis, synthesis and ability to apply what has been learned. The work is worthy of commendation, but not distinguished by an exceptional grasp of principle or originality in application.

2.2 - 55-69%

Good achievement in all areas and some areas of very good achievement. The award represents a good average performance. Students should demonstrate a capacity for independent work.

3rd - 40-54%

Satisfactory achievement in most areas, possibly with some good achievement in others. Students demonstrate an adequate capacity for independent study, an ability to apply what has been learned, but the grasp of principle and level of application is below average; nonetheless, the award denotes the achievement of an honours standard.