Assessment Process

Assessment Location

BA Arts and Design Year 2 studio, room 214 and room 211.

Project Portfolio submission

On Friday 27th May between 9.30 am and 5 pm work must be placed in the space allocated to you in the studio. The doors will be locked promptly at 5 pm. Please ensure that you have everything with you on this day and that you allow plenty of time to set out your work. Any work submitted after this time will not be considered for assessment and will constitute a failure in that element of the assessment.

Any extensions to submission deadlines must be formally requested in writing, using an extenuating circumstances form, clearly stating the reasons for the request and providing supporting evidence wherever possible. You must submit your request prior to the submission deadline to your pathway leader. Agreement to an extension and the conditions of the extension will be confirmed to you in writing.

If you feel there are any personal circumstances which have prevented you from reaching your full potential, please consult the guidance notes on extenuating circumstances or a copy of Student Zone and then, if appropriate, submit an extenuating circumstances form to the School Office at Catton Street by Tuesday 7th June at the latest.

Assessment Requirements

Each student shall present the following for final assessment at the dates specified:

  1. A dissertation of between 7,500 and 10,000 words to be submitted by end of Autumn term 2004.
  2. A portfolio of work completed during the year, supported by the project brief and project document to be submitted on the 27th May 2005.

Assessment Process

In the Internal Examination the project portfolio and the dissertation are assessed by the course team. The 3rd Year Final Assessment Form is used. Internal grades are agreed in the Internal Board of Examiners Meeting. This is followed by the External Examination, when the project portfolio and dissertation are assessed by the External Examiners appointed to the course. Recommendations are then made at the BAAD Board of Examiners Meeting where all grades are finalised. In the event of a student being referred, a re-submission date is decided upon.

Assessment Criteria and Regulations

These are specified in the Course Handbook and on the 3rd Year Final Assessment Form as well as elsewhere on this site.

Obtaining information on final assessment outcome.

You will be able to collect a letter informing you of your result from the School Office in Catton Street from 12 noon on Thursday 23rd June. Results will then be posted on the School notice board at 2pm on that day. If your name does not appear on the list you should contact the Course Director immediately. It is your responsibility to collect your results. Please make sure that you have returned all library books and college equipment and that you have cleared all your library fines and outstanding Hall fees before the Board of Examiners meets. If you have not done so your result cannot be released.