Assessment Criteria

The following five criteria will be applied to the assessment of your project work.

Each criteria will account for 15% of your final mark. The remaining 25% coming from the dissertation mark.

  1. Demonstrate the ability to produce a body of work that integrates the knowledge and skills of your pathway.
  2. Demonstrate evidence of intellectual development and the ability to study independently.
  3. Demonstrate an approach to arts and design problem solving, realised through a major project or series of projects.
  4. Demonstrate evidence of an ability to bring together different disciplines as a project manager and/or practitioner.
  5. Demonstrate the ability to criticise and analyse arts and design work.

Media Project Criteria

According to the Course Handbook Media projects are defined as follows:

Media projects may engage a variety of production methods that examine and address the nature of visual communication. These may take the form of projects that explore photography, film and narrative structure in the still and moving image, the mediated image in relation to graphics, advertising, book, magazine and online production, the reprographic process, technology and production methods in relation to mediation and interaction.