Summer ’05


Congratulations to everyone.

All students in the final Media cohort of BA Arts & Design have successfully passed. The quality of work was particularly high this year with five Media students obtaining firsts.

Degree Show

The Degree Show is over and we plan to dismantle it on Tuesday after the course has had a visit from RIBA on Monday when they will be taking a look at the show.

The Future

There are plans underway to continue this site as a Media reference centre in future. Please keep in touch and let Andrew know what you're up to and maybe your work will pop up here as well.

Award Ceremony

The official BA (Hons) Arts & Design Degree Award ceremony will be at Methodist Central Hall on Wednesday the 20th July. It's always a very happy day so try to make it if you can.

External Examiners

The visit of the external examiners seemed to go very well from their point of view. They had plenty of positive things to say about the work.


You should keep in mind the assessment criteria and award criteria as these are the benchmarks against which judgements of your work are made.

Degree Show

The College authorities have published the dates and times for this year's Degree Shows and Private Views for all courses. Our timetable is accurate but get the whole story here.

Kersti Uibo

The visit of filmmaker Kersti Uibo seemed to go very well. She really enjoyed talking with everyone who attended.

Help Needed

Alec would like some input from you for his project. Find out here what he needs you to do. It's quick, painless and possibly fun.

CobraVision Competition

Cobra Beer, the sponsors of movies on ITV2 and ITV3 TV channels, is running a short film competition. They want entrants to make ten 5 second films which they will show during the commercial breaks in the channel's movies. The ten films need to have a thematic link.

There are full details and examples at their website. They are interested in all types of film including animation. Some of the competition entries are already on-air so you need to get moving.

Assessment 2004 Photos

As a result of recent discussions you can now view photographs of some of the project submissions from last year.

Lighting Workshop

Stephen Macmillan had a good day with us on Thursday and had lots of positive things to say about the students he met.

Sound Workshop

Stuart Wilson enjoyed his day with us. He has given me a list of contacts and suggestions in answer to some of the issues raised at his workshop. I have posted them on a page in the reference section here.


Nick Nineham, the print technician, is very happy to help anyone who wants to use letterpress for any aspect of their project work. There was a good turnout for the inductions and I hope you found it interesting.

Year 3 Briefs

As requested I have obtained digital versions of the original "Project D" briefs which you used to write your Year 3 proposals. They are available for download in the course section.

Editing Software

Our new editing software, Apple's Final Cut Express 2 will be installed on ten machines in the computer workshop. These machines will also have to be upgraded to run OSX but the others will remain on OS9 for now. By the way you could buy Final Cut Express for yourself for a mere £138.65 but remember it only runs on a Mac.


Get a helping hand with researching online and elsewhere from this collection of reference material. If you have any suggestions for additions then please email Andrew.


New this year is our very own online forum. Not integrated into this site as well as might have been hoped design-wise, but useful. You have to register in order to post but it's a very straightforward process and we promise not to deluge you with spam.

We hope that you will feel free to use the forum as much as possible to share info and pool answers to common questions. It will be checked regularly.


Please email Andrew if there is something you would like to see added to this site and he'll try to oblige.

Previous featured links are now archived on the relevant pages of the reference section.

in the BA Arts & Design third year studio.

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